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Just over two years ago, no one could have predicted how quickly and drastically the world would change in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The virus took mere months to send many businesses into financial distress, overloading our healthcare systems and severely increasing unemployment rates worldwide. Analysts also predict that this is the start of many more ways of coronavirus, which, if not handled correctly, could be even more devastating.

While the pandemic caught everyone by surprise, it did highlight how kind and adaptable human beings can be. In the wake of tragedy, people banded together to support one another. Small businesses pivoted to providing their services online, and people showed their support by choosing to shop local. Grocery stores changed their opening hours to allow for a dedicated hour where the elderly and disabled could shop comfortably and safely. Parents became teachers as well as full-time workers as they pivoted to working and schooling from home. These are only a few examples of how people banded together to overcome adversity.

With the post-COVID-19 world being referred to as the new normal, businesses must continue to innovate in order to provide a better and more secure future for themselves and their staff.

The change from static to digital signage is one example of this. Digital screens are powerful communication tools for public and private businesses. Not only are they useful for disseminating vital public health information to stop the spread of COVID-19, but you can also use them for a whole host of other functions to maximise your businesses’ income.

Below are reasons why our CT digital signage is vital in a post-COVID-19 world.  

CT’s Digital Signage Offers Fast, Flexible Communication 
With the vaccine roll-out in full force across the Western world, restrictions are beginning to lift. While this is a positive step in returning to normalcy, all Governments and epidemiologist can agree that the fight is not over. It seems that as restrictions are lifted in one part of the world, restrictions are imposed in another. The key to overcoming these challenges is a proactive approach. This is where our digital signage can help.  

Epidemiologists are agreed that to stop the spread of coronavirus, reacting quickly is critical. The virus is highly contagious, and without immediate action, it would spread exponentially across communities. It’s vital that people are warned early and that preventative measures are in place. Businesses using digital signage can display real-time health messaging to their customers and update this quickly as restrictions evolve in their area.

 Public awareness announcements using Digital Signage | C.T.Technology (PG) Sdn Bhd

Airports Adopt Digital Signage to Stop The Spread Of COVID-19 
Airports have been heavily affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Not only did most international and domestic travel cease, but the flights that did continue had a much higher rate of coming into contact with coronavirus as people made their way home from overseas and into hotel quarantine facilities. For the economy to continue to function, it’s vital that strict crowd control measures are in place to stop the spread of coronavirus. This is especially true as more leisure travel recommences and airports become more densely populated. Digital screens are being used to display instructions to direct people where they need to go and are also being used as self-service kiosks to minimise contact with staff members.   

Hospitals use digital signage to raise awareness
The healthcare industry has experienced a transformative change in the past year as it battles coronavirus from the forefront. Digital signage is being used to protect healthcare works by displaying information about the virus and how it spreads.

Beyond informing people of the latest safety restrictions, it’s also being used to disseminate positive and hopeful messages. In a time of great uncertainty, people’s mental health has taken a toll, particularly for healthcare workers who are on the front line of the battle. The dynamism of digital signage allows hospitals to be both informative communicators while at the same time highlighting heart-warming and motivational messages.

Shopping Centres Use Digital Signage for Crowd Control
The retail industry has been undergoing immense change over the past decade with the advent of the internet. Thanks to the pandemic, global eCommerce sales grew 28% in 2020 alone. At the same time, shopping centre revenue is forecasted to have decreased by 14%.

With stay-at-home orders minimising traffic to retail stores and social-distancing requirements resulting in decreased capacity for stores, the retail industry has done it tough. Digital Signage has been able to help throughout this period by raising awareness of coronavirus and the social-distancing measures in place. This ensures people feel as safe as possible while shopping and has minimised the potential for a widespread virus outbreak.

Restaurant Use Outdoor Digital Signage For Promotion
The restaurant industry was another industry that has been hard hit by the pandemic. Stay-at-home orders meant that restaurants needed to pivot immediately to takeaway and delivery services or risk closing their doors.

Outdoor digital signage allows businesses to showcase promotional offers and lure new customers into their venue. Things like two-for-one discounts, new menu items or user-generated content on social media can all be displayed on digital signage. Simultaneously, the medium’s flexibility means restaurants can also communicate public safety messaging around social distancing and directional signage to ensure their venue remains safe and COVID-free.

CT’s digital signage is essential during a crisis
The one constant is change in business, and 2020 was a year that highlighted this like no other. Whether you’re in the public or private sector, digital signage is an effective medium to display vital public health messaging relevant to your business. Digital signage can also be used to maximise your sales when you need it most through tactical promotional messaging.

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