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Long Range LED Indoor & Outdoor Solution

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Long Range LED Indoor & Outdoor Solution

Permanent Installations and Digital Content solutions

Digital Out Of Home is the fastest growing format of advertising in Malaysia today. Dynamic digital outdoor LED billboards are an entirely new way to effectively engage audiences with relevant and targeted content.

CT has dedicated experience in producing durable LED products to be the market leaders in providing solutions to the market in Malaysia.

Cost is certainly the focus when you buy an LED screen, but value for money should be measured in the future of your LED product.

For a superior service level and unrivalled expertise, there is no other choice – call CT today.



Quality Control that exceeds expectations

We are committed to delivering  best LED screen products that are unrivalled by others



Service second-to-none

Our dedicated support team are always available . We are never more than a phone call away!



Experience shows

With more than three decades in the industry you wont find a company with more experience than us



It’s all in the detail

A dedicated Project Manager will be offered to be your personal liaison throughout the installation process



Latest technology

We are committed to making the latest technology available to our clients as it is invented(once fully tested of course…)



Cloud Based Solutions

Our cloud-based monitoring tools are industry leading and come as standard



Reliability comes first

From the offset our screens are designed to operate 24/7 in the toughest environments



Effortless installation process

We are dedicated to making your entire experience with CT the best you can find. Our family business background certainly helps…

Complied to  the national energy saving, with the development trend of green, with high-quality management team work , modern management system,  Our Term is  committed to being the best quality for LED display module.

With industry-leading LED display fully automated production line, and reduce work force the LED Automatic Cutting Machine, Automatic Glue Dispensing Machine for water proof, Wave-Peak Soldering Machine and LED Opto Electronic Parameter Tester is deploy to ensure the quality of products.





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  1. High Visibility: LED billboards are incredibly bright and offer high contrast, making them easily visible even in well-lit indoor environments. This ensures that your message or content stands out.
  2. Dynamic Content: LED billboards allow for the display of dynamic content, including videos, animations, and interactive elements. This dynamic nature can capture and hold the audience’s attention more effectively than static images.
  3. Cost-Effective: While the initial cost of installation can be relatively high, LED billboards are cost-effective in the long run due to their energy efficiency and durability. They require less maintenance and have a longer lifespan compared to other types of displays.
  4. Customizable: LED billboards can be easily customized to fit different screen sizes and aspect ratios, making them versatile for various indoor spaces and layouts.
  5. Real-Time Updates: Content on LED billboards can be updated in real-time, allowing you to display current information, promotions, news, or event schedules instantly.
  6. Remote Control: You can control and manage LED billboards remotely, which is especially useful for changing content, scheduling, and monitoring performance without physically being at the display location.
  7. Enhanced Engagement: The dynamic nature of LED billboards can enhance audience engagement and interaction with your content, leading to better recall and brand recognition.
  8. Environmental Friendliness: LED technology is more energy-efficient than traditional lighting and display methods, which helps reduce electricity consumption and environmental impact.
  9. Versatility: Indoor LED billboards can be used in a variety of settings, including retail stores, airports, conference centers, sports arenas, and more. They are suitable for both informational and promotional purposes.
  10. Longevity: LED displays have a longer lifespan than traditional displays, reducing the need for frequent replacements and minimizing downtime.
  11. Brightness Control: LED billboards allow for brightness control, which can be adjusted to suit different lighting conditions and ensure optimal visibility without causing discomfort to viewers.
  12. High Resolution: LED technology offers high-resolution displays, ensuring sharp and clear visuals for text and graphics.
  13. Reduced Printing Costs: By eliminating the need for printed materials and static signs, LED billboards can help reduce printing and disposal costs associated with traditional advertising.
  14. Interactive Features: Some LED billboards support touch-screen technology or gesture recognition, enabling interactive engagement with the audience.
  15. Improved Brand Image: The modern and innovative appearance of LED billboards can enhance your brand’s image and make your business or organization stand out.



October 23, 2015


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