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Touch Kiosk At Evergreen Laurel Hotel Malaysia

Touch Kiosk At Evergreen Laurel Hotel Malaysia

10 Keys Strategy Every Entrepreneurs and Retail Business should learn from Evergreen Hotel Malaysia by Implementing Touch Digital Signage(See picture insides)

When you enter a hotel, what are you looking for? You probably want the check-in desk first and foremost. . But there’s likely a big queue, you don’t know how long you’ll be waiting, if your room’s ready or where you might store your luggage. If you’re there for an event, a business meeting or any other purpose other than recreational, your questions begin to multiply.

Hotels all have the same working method they all run slightly differently. As a consumer, this means that you never quite know what to expect.

Here’s the thing; there’s something that we guarantee will be next big thing of every hotel’s future. It’s  digital signage and it’s problem solving solution, helping the customer to be in charge of their future hotel experience.

Here’s what Evergreen Laurel Hotel uses digital signage network could offer:

Digital signage provides many benefits to hotels and conference centers working to maximize the value they provide to customers.

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Queue time – a visual display of how long each guest could be waiting, just like in a postal service or bank.

Rooms that are ready – let guests see for themselves the percentage or names of rooms which are ready right now!

Entertainment options – If no rooms are available for an early check-in, provide guests a list of what they could do right now. Restaurants within reach, luggage storage options, hotel bar happy hours. This will save them queuing only to be informed that room’s not available’

Elevator signage – use this ‘blank space’ to advertise restaurants, spa offers and anything else that may interest your audience in the wait to their chosen floor.

Personalized welcome message – once your customers get to their room how can you engage them? A personalized welcome message is just the start, as a digital signage network offers the ability to tailor social media, news and more to their preferences.

Of course, these are just a few ideas of how a digital signage screen could service that all important first impression. Digital signage can improve a guest’s visit in every area, all whilst ticking the box of the hotel being upscale and modern. Here are a few of the ways a digital signage display within hotel could work very hard indeed.

Digital LED Signage installer and supplier in Malaysia (penang, kedah, ipoh,selangor, johor, terengganu, kelantan, melaka, kuala lumpur)

Service high-traffic areas more quickly(Digital Signage Installer and supplier in malaysia)

Hire enough staff to get to each individual guest is hard but one screen could service many at the same time. Digital signage displays can be updated very quickly, from anywhere and can pull on real time information such as bus routes, taxi numbers, world clocks, currencies and local event timetables. Present this information on a single screen and bingo – half of your guest’s questions are answered! In times of high footfall this will reduce wait time, relieve the pressure on staff and help your guests get the answers they need.

Top tip: Read our guide to see our real case study guide Eastin Hotel  getting setup with a hotel digital signage strategy if you need help with the increase exposure

Personalize welcome messaging(Digital signage and touch signage) 

When your hotel is hosting for a convention or wedding, digital signage allows you to pop up a personalized welcome and directions to the right room, area or bar. Again, this relieves the front desk and provides basic information which is super useful. Meeting room digital signage might also come in handy for breakout sessions.

If there’s a last-minute room change or multiple wedding events, your digital screens can be updated on the fly. This saves confusion and allows each room and guest to become accounted for.  Your digital signage screens look great and are useful – you could even use an iPad or tablet to save on expense.

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Provide a virtual concierge

A human service is nice but a virtual one has its own novelty factor. Your digital screens can easily become a virtual concierge. Particularly when paired with an interactive screen, digital signage allows your guests to find their own information and to spend as long as they need researching local hotspots, restaurant menus and check-out times.

If you don’t yet have the capacity for interactive screens, create playlists and schedules tailored to what your guests will be up to at that time. For example breakfast may be:

  • Check-in times (and alternative options as mentioned above)
  • Digital breakfast menus and opening times of the hotel’s onsite restaurants
  • Local breakfast delicacies
  • Great local activities to do that day
  • Directions to events, bars, toilets, concierge services and the nearest taxi point

This is much more useful and relevant to customers than your bog-standard advertising showreel. They’re already at the hotel, so don’t bombard them with useless marketing material. Help them find the information they really want and the information they didn’t even know they wanted, like the hot, flaking, buttered croissants waiting for them in your breakfast room.

Share social updates

Digital signage when paired with user generated content is transforming hospitality. Guests are active participants in their experience both in person and online. Often without knowing, they’re instagramming your great wall displays, tweeting about your service and even contacting your online page to ask questions or get information.

Use digital signage to create beautiful social media walls that share customer testimonials, feedback, images and videos curated by your audience base. Not only will they get a pleasant surprise at seeing their update on the big screen, you’ll show that you’re listening and more guests will be encouraged to share online as a result.

Digital signage in Evergreen Laurel Hotel: Engage audiences and get them interested

We’re used to seeing digital screens full of information that doesn’t interest us. So within the future of hospitality we see digital signage moving towards a marketing tool that’s genuinely useful and entertaining to guests. There are a ton of ways you can do this and a ton of digital tools at your disposal, from social media displays, to meeting booking technologies and live news streams. Get your screens showing rich visual content and adapt them to your audience, the time of day and the events going on in the world.

Your audience will be highly engaged and they’ll remember your hotel for more than just the chocolates on the pillow.

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Web-based system

The BServer system is web-based all the BServer display and all can be managed through google chrome browser by key in username and password.

On the other hand, the system can be support Virtual Cloud system and the whole system can be supported without local server and the whole thing could be support cloud based and hazzle free.

2. the Layout for publish could be design and support Multiple play area as well.

3. For program management, the publish can be set based on time and when to play the content.

Let’s look at our user friendly interface

Digital LED Signage supplier in penang, kedah, ipoh,selangor, johor, terengganu, kelantan, melaka, kuala lumpur malaysia

-support Multi-location and web based program link to main server

– Support TXT(running text, all pictures format, Videos)

– Support Web plugin ( website into display)

– Scheduling and time period of program playing

– Easy to use and interactive user interface

– We do supply Different size of Digital Signage ranging from  43 inch,  65 inch and so on.

– Vivid display and Built in sound speakers

– Windows Based Cloud Based System

– WIndows Azure and Cloud Solution

Digital LED Signage supplier in penang, kedah, ipoh,selangor, johor, terengganu, kelantan, melaka, kuala lumpur malaysia

If you would like to examine the benefits of digital signage to your business and the specific metrics you can use to calculate the potential return on investment digital signage offers, contact us at below:

Digital Signage installer and supplier in malaysia

C.T.Technology (PG) Sdn Bhd

Tel: +604-2630178



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