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One secret everyone should know about Watsons :to seduce shoppers actually spends more in their store!

One secret everyone should know about Watsons :to seduce shoppers actually spends more in their store!

One secret everyone should know about Watsons :to seduce shoppers actually spends more in their store! (real case Digital Signage 020 experience See inside pictures)


Here you go keys secrets actually in Watsons to allure shoppers

  1. Location The cashier would commonly know as the best location in the shop , where customers would pay transactions as well as the final destination where customers would stay, therefore it’s the best time impress the customer and hoping for the next time to come back again.
    According to research, Watson’s cash register is one of the most complex in retail stores industry, which bring a lot of experience others should learned, it is worth to learn their business mindset, combined with its own terminal and store features to improve the internal structure.

The first generation cash register of Watsons stores is located at the innermost of the shop and therefore customers are less likely to walk into the store. In fact, the cashier could be work as guide for customers to enter the store.

In addition, later found that the cash register in the innermost, customers would not easy to find it, alike with the characteristics of the supermarket, in order to make changes Watson will set the cash register at the entrance to the wall of the store to facilitate customer payments,therefore this is the second generation of Watsons shop did. Due to this changes, business is booming and better the first generation.

However Watson’s managers found that the cash register set at the entrance might block passenger flow. In order to tackle this problem,  they made combined with “Watson’s discovery-style display”, and move the cash register to the middle of the shop which is the most reasonable. Now here we go the third generations of Watsons are practising the this standard. The third generation Watson’s cashier with additional payment functions, as well as service desk features, including the broadcast center, customer complaints reception, returned goods, or a product promotion center, publicity center. Such a multi-functional hub of the stores, Watson has a complete set of unique operating program.

On the other hand, self-terminal has been deployed in the third generation of Watsons store to enhance better customers and shoppers experience. Self-terminal are touch screen which enable shoppers to browse product, looking for offer , purchase and bill printing in fully self service.

Here you go the experience.

Digital LED Signage supplier in penang, kedah, ipoh,selangor, johor, terengganu, kelantan, melaka, kuala lumpur malaysia

Besides that , cashier are installed with digital signage to allure Shoppers to spend more before they are leaving the store. Therefore, this is the second last change to promote to shoppers and hoping they are having good customer experience and come back again.

Digital LED Signage supplier in penang, kedah, ipoh,selangor, johor, terengganu, kelantan, melaka, kuala lumpur malaysia

in June 2016, Our self-service terminals successfully employed in the Watson Group, the Watson “beyond the electronic service boundaries, to achieve the new purchase experience”. This has brings the operational and management of Watson’s chain  a lot of convenience, bring  Watson to the Online to Offline  purchase experience to develop a whole new shoppers experience.
       Watson was founded in 1828, is the Yangtze River Hutchison Limited Watson Group’s as a health and beauty-based brand. Watsons operates in 24 countries and operates more than 12,000 retail stores and employs 117,000 people. The Group’s products include health products, beauty products, perfumes, cosmetics, household products, food, beverages, electronic products, wine and airport retail business. With more than 1,000 stores and 30 million members in more than 200 cities, Watson is China’s largest health and beauty retail chain.
Self – service terminal
       The self-service terminal is one of the greatest project with professional R&D which tailor-made to fulfil customers requirements with activate spaces with in-store experience to cater demand of future 020( offline to online vice versa) of shopping experience.

Our Self-service terminal equipped with  10-point capacitive touch screen, bill printing, network connection ready which can be connected to the network cable or wireless WiFi for other purposes. On the other hand, it has enabled customers to self-help using the terminal to browse products, ordering and looking for  offers. Our customized electronic self-service terminals are employed in Watson’s China and Hong Kong major chain of retail stores with pilot operation.


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